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Reds History

Liverpool, Anfield
Capacity: 45362
Founded: 1892
Club Nickname: The Reds
Manager: Rafael Benitez

Division One winners: 1900-01, 1905-06, 1921-22, 1922-23, 1946-47, 1963-64, 1965-66, 1972-73, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1978-79, 1979-80, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86, 1987-88, 1989-90

Division Two winners: 1893-94, 1895-96, 1904-05, 1961-62
FA Cup winners: 1964-65, 1973-74, 1985-86, 1988-89, 1991-92, 2000-01, 2005-06
League Cup winners: 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1994-95, 2000-01, 2002-03

European Cup/Champions League winners: 1976-77, 1977-78, 1980-81, 1983-84, 2004-05

UEFA Cup winners: 1972-73, 1975-76, 2000-01

European Super Cup winners: 1977, 2001, 2005

Super Cup winners: 1985-86

Legend: Kenny Dalglish, voted the best player in the club's history by the fans. Also a successful manager between 1985 and 1991, winning the double, League title and FA Cup, in 1986, title again in 1988 and 1990, and the FA Cup again in 1989.

Terrace hero: Steven Gerrard - Local lad who has risen to become the club's inspirational skipper.

Finest hour: First European Cup success in 1977, beating Borussia Moenchengladbach in Rome final just days after FA Cup final defeat by Manchester United cost them domestic double.

Lowest ebb: Hillsborough Disaster 1989. FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest cost the lives of 96 of their fans.

Simao Sabrosa 'to join Fernando Torres at Liverpool next season'

The 30-year-old wide man is being lined-up by Rafael Benitez in a bid to solve the Reds' left-sided problems, with Albert Riera currently out of favour.

Despite having only three years or so left at the top level, Simao could end up costing Liverpool as much as £8million - although cash-strapped Atletico are reportedly keen to sell the player to raise funds.The 30-year-old wide man is being lined-up by Rafael Benitez in a bid to solve the Reds' left-sided problems, with Albert Riera currently out of favour.Despite having only three years or so left at the top level, Simao could end up costing Liverpool as much as £8million - although cash-strapped Atletico are reportedly keen to sell the player to raise funds.

Tom Hicks 'will keep' Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard at Liverpool

The American also said the club is unlikely to be sold before the end of the year and manager Rafael Benitez has ‘substantial’ transfer funds at his disposal.

Having posted their worst Premier League finish for 11 years – seventh – speculation has grown about the futures of Benitez, striker Torres and captain Gerrard.
But despite the debt of Hicks’ and co-owner George Gillett’s parent company Kop Holdings rising to £351million last summer, he insisted: ‘We have no intention of selling any of our top players and have a substantial transfer budget in place. We will make a significant investment this ­summer. It’s about getting the right players.’
Hicks – urged yesterday to sell up by former owner David Moores – added: ‘We will sell the club. We’re not going to sell it to the wrong group, we’re not going to sell it for the wrong price, we’re going to do it in a thoughtful way.
‘I don’t anticipate it will be done before the beginning of the next season. We hope it gets done by the end of the calendar year.’
Torres, meanwhile, brushed aside speculation about his future – just 24 hours after his agent said the Spain striker was staying put.
The 26-year-old said: ‘I didn’t read those comments. The most important thing for me now is the World Cup. My future is the World Cup and then we’ll see later.....

Lepak Kat ICT shah alam....

Jam 11 mlm hari khamis , aku bawa famili & mertua pegi ke ICT kat shah alam.... penat gilerrr....ramai org kat situ... Sampai nak parking pon susah. Tapi penat2 pun kitorang pegi jugak. Aku kesian dgn mertua yg tak larat nak jalan jauh... so isteri aku la kena layan dia. Aku pulak kena jaga anak2 aku.
Suasana malam tu mmg ceria dgn gelagat anak2 aku dan tgk gelagat org2 kat situ. Nak kata funfair pun ada juga...tapi beza nya , banyak pemandangan lampu berwarna warni....mmg best giler. Ifan dan danial mmg tak reti penat , lari sana sini. Aku asyik ambik foto pemandangan lampu2 kat situ.
Aku pun terfikir jugak, apa best nyer tgk lampu2 hiasan ? yang unik nyer, semua pokok2 kat tempat tu di hiasi dgn lampu2 kecil yg berwarna warni... sampai ada yg dibentuk burung merak , panda, swan....dan macam2 lagi.... itu yg buat aku terpegun.... Ada juga yg tak best nye... 'security terlampau  ketat... sampai nak parking pun susah... diorang strict kadang2 tak bertempat...... biasala secuity bangla.....poyo sikit....
Apa apa pun aku salute yg punya idea buat ICT nie.....

WaTcH Movie With My Family

Bestnyer bawa anak2 aku tgk wayang... aku rasa dah hampir 4 bulan aku tak bawa diorang tgk wayang. Kali nie aku bawa tgk Shrake ... mmg best giler... tak kering gusi. Ifan pulak mmg suker tgk citer cartoon... danial pulak suker makan porpcorn jer... lantak laa tgk citer apa, yg penting ada popcorn....hehehhehe...

Lepas nie kitorang nak tgk Toy Story-3.... dah lamer citer nie tak kuar. Aku mmg tak pernah miss tgk citer nie. Semua karektor dlm citer nie mmg bagus2... Dgn lukisan 3D yg dibuat oleh org2 genius yg aku tak bole bayangkan betapa susah senang pembuatn citer nie... Kena tgk citer nie tau!.....

Karate Kid pulak...mmg makanan aku laaa. Tapi sekarang ifan pun minat tgk citer mcm nie... mmg tak kan lepas tgk citer nie.... Ifan suka jadi HERO mcm dalam citer nie.... Apa2 pun kesemua citer nie aku nak bawa diorang tgk......
Selamat menyaksikan citer2 nie ok.......adioz...
Wife aku mmg kaki wayang macam aku jugak laaa...hehehhehehehe... Cuma bila dah kawin nie, jarang2 tgk wayang berdua... Sekarang kenala bawa anak2 sekali. Tapi kalu dah gian nak tgk berduaan , kenalan tgk movie 'midnite show'.... itu pun kalu tak tido lagi....hehehehhehehehe

Aku pulak mmg kaki segala kaki.... masa bujang aku pernah tgk wayang dari show pagi sampai show midnite.... ini mmg keje giler... biasa laa bosan duk rumah... Mmg habit aku , bila bosa duk rumah, aku pegi tgk wayang....sambil cuci mata...hehehehhehehe...itu masa bujang. Sekarang nie aku kena bawa anak2 & bini aku sekali... Best bawa anak2..... suka tgk gelagat diorang....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Juventus want Aquilaini

According to Italian daily Corriere dello Sport, Juventus have already made an initial bid for Alberto Aquilani, but will have to increase their offer for Liverpool to let go of the midfielder.

25 year-old Aquilani had a difficult first season at Anfield and was hampered by injury. Although he began to find his form towards the end of the season, rumours have persisted that Aquilani has not settled in England.
Juventus, who finally appointed a new coach this week, Luigi Del Nieri, have expressed an interest in Aquilani, who moved to Liverpool from Roma last summer in a 22 million Euro deal.
Corriere dello Sport claims that Juventus have already made a bid of 11 million Euros for Aquilani, but that Liverpool want to recoup a larger chunk of the fee they paid for him last summer. However, they describe the initial offer as a "starting point for discussion", indicating that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is willing to see the winger leave Anfield.

Aquilani made 23 appearances for Liverpool in Premier League and European competition last season scoring two goals and providing four assists. If he is to be sold, Aquilani will have cost Liverpool roughly one million Euros per game.

one week with my auntie frm Bandung.....

This week aku mmg penat giler.... tiap hari kuar jalan ke KL dgn danial and tante mirna. Kejap naik Monorail , LRT and aku drive dari pagi sampai petang. Aku tak kesah pon , bukanya selalu bawa dia jalan ronda2 KL... Yg aku tak sanggup tu sbb terpaksa meredah sesak jalan and berpanasan sepanjang hari. Nasib baik tiap petang ada hujan.
Seminggu aku bawa dia jalan2 ke Petaling street, Downtown , BB , KLCC , Pavillion , KL Tower ...etc . Sampai aku sendiri mmg dah lama tak jejak Petaling street... dah banyak perubahan kat situ.
Si danial mmgla suka sangat naik LRT... semua LRT aku dah bw tante naik...cuma ERL&Komuter jer aku tak sanggup naik.... ERL mahal & komuter lembab ....buang masa naik.
Maybe bila cousin2 aku datang , aku nak bw diorang jalan2 ke Genting or ke tempat2 lain di luar KL....
Aku penat tapi happy & puas bawa tante jalan......

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Power rangers

Time nie ifan & danial baru jer gunting rambut. diorang ni mmg nak sangat buat 'pacak'... Aku pon ekot jer lah... Padahal lepas gunting rambut diorang kena mandi juga. Lps tu xder la pacak lagi...hehhehehehehehe..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

FC Comment > MU ask for HELP frm REDS

Let’s get something out of the way up front, if for no other reason than to anticipate a potential counter-argument: I am a hot-dog-stuffing-in-my-***-Iraq-War-supporting-*******-***** American. It feels good to acknowledge that, even if someone else did it for me.
As such, I feel a good amount of anticipatory anxiety for the response to taking this subject on, but it’s gotten to a point that, with some sort of forum to discuss such issues, I’d be remiss not to address it in some capacity. It might be rough, it might be idiotic, but it’s something. Plus if you’ve been to the site over the last couple years and read more than a sentence and you’re coming back, your standards can’t be that high.
Anyway, as the hot-dog-stuffing brand of supporter, I’m removed from the physical proximity of supporting Liverpool and hating Manchester United, being in attendance as supporters taunt each other with disgusting chants mocking the loss of life that each club has suffered through, and experiencing a level of passion and hatred that, in many cases, only physical proximity can create.
But I don’t think it entirely removes me from supporting Liverpool and hating Manchester United, or feeling both anger and shame when I hear a selection of both clubs’ supporters mocking such tragedy, or having a passion and hatred for a club and its rival respectively.
Regarding the rivalry with United, a commenter from last year summed it up nicely (even if it was on the tail end of savaging me for, among other things, liking Super Bowl advertisements and ice hockey. Stalker.):
one thing I’ve learnt being a red is you never talk a bout them, never sing about them, never acknowledge them, that just gives the illusion that we respect them, and we dont.
It’s a valuable lesson for me to have learned, and one that speaks volumes about where a Liverpool supporters focus should lie: inward.
And I think, as so many other supporters have articulated, my passion for Liverpool greatly outweighs my hatred for Manchester United. Again, feel free to rehash the hot-dog-stuffing argument above. But the idea of supporting a club more than hating another is not an entirely original thought and it’s not articulated in an entirely original manner here, but in essence it captures the wonderfully simple concept of being a fan.
At its core, being a fan or supporting a club, in any sport (even ice hockey!) is geared towards seeing that club succeed. You want your team to win every game, even if that reality is wonderfully far-fetched. You fantasize about seeing your club’s players lift every trophy, even if you know that the likelihood of that happening is infinitesimally small. And yes, sometimes you even experience a good bit of schadenfreude when you see your club’s rivals suffer, or someone near your club’s spot in the table drops valuable points. It’s all part of the experience, and it’s all part of what’s made Liverpool’s season so difficult.
So with Sunday quickly approaching, so much more is brought into play, even if you’re told it’s “just” mathematics and cognition—now it’s emotional, now it’s personal, now it’s vindictive. By some abortion of journalism, the idea that Liverpool should drop the Chelsea match intentionally caught fire. Supporters gave it credence, journalists (surprise, surprise) argued for a wonderfully developing storyline, and all of a sudden you see the idea work its way straight to players on both sides, with comments now mandatory about the possibility of intentionally underperforming with the sole purpose of seeing United fail to beat Liverpool in the race for 19 titles.
And it’s all painfully misguided. It’s driven not by pride for Liverpool, or desire to see your club do well, it’s entirely based on the desire to see another club suffer. That this somehow boosts the collective ego of Liverpool as a football club couldn’t be more inaccurate—if anything, it only strengthens the view of Liverpool as a fault-ridden, troubled club who hasn’t been able to assemble a title-winning side for nearly twenty years.
Because to hope that Liverpool lose, or to expect them to bottle it purposely on Sunday, isn’t an exercise in supporting Liverpool, or a statement of pride for the club; rather, it’s overwhelming evidence that Liverpool are too mediocre to actually challenge for the title themselves, and have been for some time. To try to exercise control over a title race from such a painfully long distance is, in a word, pathetic. And to return to the words of the wonderfully articulate commenter above, nothing would do more to validate United as a superior team than to organize an entire approach, an entire performance, and an entire result around them.
Liverpool may very well end up losing on Sunday, but for me there would be no joy related to the idea that it would prevent United from beating Liverpool to 19 titles, particularly if there’s any sniff of intentionality to it. To compromise the pride that Liverpool espouse as a club would do serious damage to my faith in what supporting a club is supposed to provide—the comfort in knowing that, above anything else, the club does everything it can to do itself and its supporters proud, even if that provides a benefit to the fiercest of rivals. That’s the type pride that’s constant, and that’s the type of club I want to support.
So that’s that, but I am interested in hearing what others think—I know Rob ran a piece on it yesterdayas well, so feel free to comment here or there.
It’s back to hot-dog-stuffing for me. A preview will be up tomorrow for the big one on Sunday—the match, not the hot dog. Ouch.

jamie Redknapp Comment

By Jamie Redknapp

12:53 AM on 1st May 2010

Professional footballers are bad losers. They want to win at everything they do; it’s in their nature.
Being involved in matches that decide championships is why we get into the game. But players want to be the headline acts, not just have bit-part roles, and that’s what will be troubling Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Co on Sunday.
I went through it in 1995 when I scored from a late free-kick to beat Blackburn 2-1 at Anfield. I’ve never heard the Kop so quiet after a Liverpool goal, it was eerie. Everybody thought my goal had just handed the title to Manchester United, and it didn’t sit quite right with the fans.
On the pitch, we were fine with it. Our professional pride had kicked in and we wanted to win the game. End of.
My dad was inadvertently involved too because he was in charge of West Ham. Then we heard from Upton Park they had held United to a draw, meaning Blackburn were to be crowned champions.
People asked me if scoring the goal that could have taken the title to Old Trafford bothered us because of the bitter rivalry between Liverpool and United. But we had a little celebration after my goal — John Barnes and Steve McManaman congratulated me.
The only problem we had with the situation was not being the ones with a chance of winning the League.
Back in 1995 our professional pride kicked in and I’m 100 per cent confident it will do for Liverpool — and Sunderland, who play United on Sunday. Judge for yourself — both matches are live on Sky Sports.
Reputations are on the line. Liverpool’s players are playing for their careers. Rafa Benitez’s future is at stake. Liverpool’s outside chance of finishing fourth is the only thing they have left to play for. And don’t forget that Everton could still finish above their Merseyside rivals.

All these things mean that Liverpool must go out and play.
Yes, they will be tired following their Europa League exploits, but playing extra time hasn’t stopped a team getting a result three days later before.
Anyone who knows Jamie Carragher will tell you that he’s the worst loser you will ever meet — he’d hate losing at tiddlywinks! He’ll be the first to jump down a team-mate’s throat if he suspects they’re not trying against Chelsea.The Liverpool players will know that if United claim their 19th title it will be deserved and not because of what happens at lunchtime on Sunday.
People forget about Liverpool’s recent rivalry with Chelsea, too. Memories of those Champions League clashes will have everyone in that home dressing-room fired up.
Liverpool’s players will want to put on a show for their fans after the disappointment of Thursday night and after their poor season. Beating Chelsea and finishing fourth would go some way to making up for that.
I’m proud of what the Premier League stands for — it’s an honest competition. And as for Liverpool being happy to roll over because of the United factor, I don’t buy it. 


Liverpool’s owners have today brought in Chelsea supporter and British Airways boss Martin Broughton as the club’s Chairman and announced their intention to sell the football club.
After 3 years and 3 months of torrid ownership which has saw failure to start work on a new stadium and a failure to invest in the playing squad, Tom Hicks and George Gillett have brought in the new Chairman to try and help sell the club on.
Liverpool were bought for £217M in January 2007, and now have a £236M debt – which the Royal Bank of Scotland have ordered to be reduced by £100 this summer.
There have been suggestions that the owners are believed to want a staggering £500M for the club – over double what they paid.  Their statement even suggests that he have made huge strides forward at the club.
“Owning Liverpool Football Club over these past three years has been a rewarding and exciting experience for us and our families.
“Having grown the club this far we have now decided together to look to sell the club to owners committed to take the club through its next level of growth and development.
“We are delighted that Martin Broughton has agreed to take the position of chairman, working alongside the club’s excellent senior management team.
“Martin is a distinguished business leader of excellent judgment and with a great reputation. He is a genuine football supporter and will seek to oversee the sales process in the best interests of the club and its supporters.”
The new Liverpool chairman, an admitted Chelsea fan, said:
“I am excited and honoured to be taking up this position. Liverpool is a great club with a fantastic history.
“I will run this sale process in the right way, for the benefit of the club and its fans.
“Liverpool is one of the world’s greatest clubs and my aim is to try and ensure that we find new owners who are able to build on the club’s recent improved financial performance in order to help deliver sporting success.”
Is this the 50th birthday present Rafa wanted, or will it intensify speculation that he will go to Juventus to help them spend their £70M transfer war chest.

New player...

Liverpool FC have concluded the deal with Charlton Athletic that will see 18 year old Jonjo Shelvey arrive at Anfield after the end of the Premier League season on May 10th.The reds will pay an initial £1.7M for the midfielder, with further performance related deals expected to the take the eventual price past £3M.
At Charlton the player became the youngest person to play and to score for the club.  He captained England at Under-16’s and played at Under-17’s level.
He has scored 7 times in 42 Charlton appearances this season and has become a fans favourite at The Valley.

Reds sad.

Despite Liverpool beating Atletico Madrid 2-1 at Anfield last night and putting on a fantastic performance with every player giving 110%, that early goal from the first leg came back to haunt us after Atletico booked their place in the final on the away goals rule.

Due to injuries and a tactical decision by Benitez to switch Johnson onto the left side, the line up was as good as could be under recent circumstances. Masch was pushed into right-back position with Johnson on the left, Carra and Agger were in the centre and Reina in goal.
Kuyt lead the line with Babel and Benayoun on the wings. Aquilani, Gerrard and Lucas made up the rest of the XI.
Liverpool made a fantastic start to the game with immense tempo and urgency. Gaining 4 corners within the first minutes of the match, it was clear the attitude was there. Anfield was as vociferous as ever and the stage was set for a memorable night in Liverpool.
Despite the good start and the holding off of Atletico Madrid, it wasn’t until just before half time that Liverpool chalked up their first goal.

When Benayoun whipped in a threatening cross, Dirk Kuyt managed to get on the end of it, in the process the ball was laid to Aquilani who with an excellent finish found the only gap left in the goal to squeeze home the effort.
Anfield went crazy, i went crazy. The dream was still on.
At this point, the goal for Liverpool now meant that the tie was all square, should this be the result at 90minutes the game would go into extra time and then penalties depending on the outcome after the half hour.
For the second half it was still a very determined display from all the boys in red but it didn’t appear as if a goal was coming. There was no need to panic though, and focus was needed, if Atletico were to score in this second half, Liverpool would require another 2 goals before the 90minutes was up to go through to the final.
Atletico had some speculative long range efforts from the likes of Garcia & Simao, but thankfully most chances from the Spaniards went wide. The lads were defending well from set pieces too after Atletico managed to pick up a few free kicks in dangerous areas as the clock ticked down.
At 88minutes Rafa made his first substitution. Aquilani left the field for Nabil El Zhar. Moan if you like, make it an excuse, fact is Rafa left that change as long as he possibly could, yes, no denying Aquilani had an excellent game but you are talking about a man who is arguably still not even match fit, fresh legs were definitely required and although i feel NEZ had a poor stint, just look at the bench Benitez had to work with.
So it was into extra time, Liverpool could score with no return and go through, concede and win 3-1, 4-2 etc or it could remain 1-1 on aggregate and it would be penalties.
It took just 5 minutes for Liverpool to change the whole layout of the game. Lucas with a great little dink over to Yossi set the Israeli up perfectly who hit it first time and from an unfavourable angle put Liverpool 2-0 in front on the night.
Again the crowd raised the decibels, Benayoun’s celebration and expression was emphatic. It was a picture painted perfectly and the paint had almost dried.
All Liverpool had to do was hold on, as easy as it sounds, all that was required was to not allow Atletico to score. We had managed this for 90minutes, the task seemed achievable but just 5minutes later, celebration turned to sheer nerves.
Diego Forlan, of all the players stuck the dagger in after he scored from a remarkably similar position to where he was for the goal in the first leg.
Johnson was beaten by Reyes and in the midst of this some sort of confusion between Reina and Glen, this meant that the Spaniard had to track back towards goal. This however was not the real problem, the space that Forlan was given was shocking, considering we had seen what this could do already from the first leg, we simply did not learn our lesson.

Ultimately, whether you want to run your mouth about being annoyed at substitutions, whether you are going to blame all of this on Rafa or whether you are going to remove your Liverpool shirt and put your Chelsea one back on. Fact is, a defensive mishap is what let us down, it was unfortunate, it shouldn’t of happened, and its not an excuse but don’t sit there and say to me that it was the substitutions that lost the game.
Considering only the introduction of Nabil El Zhar was made before we conceded, for that part of the match the “blame game” is useless.
Yes, i can sort of agree that when we required a late, late goal, taking off Benayoun would maybe not be your first option, but lets not forget the very limited “options” Benitez had to try to manage a tiring team in extra time.
Beforehand, Benitez had brought on Philip Degen for Mascherano, not many groans at the time were made I’m sure because we could all clearly see that Degen would add more to the attack down the flanks.
The fickleness in people soon came out some ten minutes later though when we were out of the competition. The slating of Degen was in full force. Why? What did you think he was going to do? Win us the game? He did what was asked, and i for one am happy with that.
As for the introduction of Pacheco, anyone who has seen him play will know that he could be just the guy to add that last minute spark needed, and some of his first touches almost led to a Steven Gerrard smash.
Complain all you like, fact is, it just wasn’t to be. The lads fought their asses off, even players like Ryan Babel who are often questioned for their level of input were playing for their lives.
And despite this, Liverpool still couldn’t find that third goal to take them through but make no bones about it not one person on that pitch did not give their all, so regardless of the extremely gutting realisation that we will not be in Hamburg for the final, i am proud of the team, the manager and the (real) fans.
Considering we actually won the game, and in good style, with two great goals, such is football that people get so worked up they cannot even appreciate the positives.
After that massive blow to the heartbeat of the end of our season, all i know now is that it is absolutely vital that we end the season with dignity and some respect.
I couldn’t give a toss anymore if us beating Chelsea hands United the title, i want us to give our all against the Blues and Hull and if we finish in 6th, so what, we tried.
In a season which has again lacked investment, been plagued with injuries, had more going on off the field than on it, it is just “one of those seasons” and Benitez is more than entitled to one.

Reds Vs Burnley

Steven Gerrard helped steer Liverpool to a 4-0 victory yesterday with 2 goals in 9minutes. The final result saw Burnley relegated but it was an emphatic win for the Reds as they cling on to slim hopes of that last Champions League spot.The shock entry of Ayala into the back four was the only unsuspected addition to the line up from Benitez. With N’Gog injured it was Kuyt who lead the line. Fellow Dutchman Ryan Babel also started and Maxi Rodriguez was reintroduced on the wing.
The first half for Liverpool was a rather nervy one, Burnley appeared to be dealing with the likes of Kuyt and Aquilani rather well. They were looking strong against the Reds.
The 45minutes portrayed a bad outlook should Liverpool continue to play like that in the second half. Despite some speculative attempts from Gerrard and co, no real chances were created. Burnley also sprung Reina into making a save in the dying minutes, possibly indicating they were becoming comfortable.
Just 2 minutes into the second half and a worrying site for Liverpool as Dirk Kuyt left the field. First thoughts are that the injury to his calf is not too bad, we just need to keep our fingers crossed. Yossi Benayoun replaced the Dutchman.
Less than five minutes later Liverpool collected their first goal. Courtesy of captain Steven Gerrard. After going on a short run and reaching the edge of the 6yard box the number 8 decided to have a pop at goal, a fortunate deflection from a Burnley player ensured the effort found its way past Jensen.
Gerrard was already looking a total contrast of himself against Atletico Madrid last week and his second goal just proved this theory even more.9minutes later and Gerrard with the help of an assist from Aquilani scored an absolute peach.
When Maxi played a great ball to Aquilani it looked as though the Italian was about to loose the ball along with his footing. Luckily enough he still managed to get some sort of touch on it, just enough to lay it into the path of a very determined Steven Gerrard.
With precision and power his goal was as sweet as a nut. Jensen had no chance as the ball flew with pace into the right of goal. Simply spectacular.
Burnley were looking concerned when they conceded the first but after that craftsmanship from our captain it was clear they were beginning to come to terms with the almost imminent prospect of relegation.
To be fair to Burnley though, they kept on fighting, getting stuck in and giving their all for the fans.
It wasn’t long though before Liverpool managed to find a third goal. Maxi Rodriguez who has had some superb games in the Red shirt of late fancied a piece of the action.
Aquilani who again provided a vital link spotted Maxi on a run down the wing and played a pass to the Argentine. Maxi went on to finish from an acute angle with another great goal for Liverpool and a deserved one for the very impressive new recruit.
As the remainder of the second half went on Liverpool were more than content but Pepe Reina was still on guard, adamant on keeping a clean sheet to help his case for the Golden Gloves at the end of the season.
We needn’t of worried though, conceding was not on the agenda, getting a 4th to well and truly finish the game off was.
Ryan Babel who was assisted by Aquilani – again, to many was in a rather questionable onside position. He kept his cool though and in a one on one situation managed to put the ball past Jensen, who perhaps should have done better.
A brilliant team performance from Liverpool and some great individual efforts. Daniel Ayala did exactly what his job description asked in defence. Aquilani showed why he should be starting more games for Liverpool as he assisted and played his way around midfield.
Steven Gerrard showed that scouse passion and fight that has been missing from his game complete with a superb second goal. Maxi Rodriguez again had a fantastic stint on the wing and also scored.
I can’t think of a game in a good while where i can’t actually think of any complaints. With the second leg against Atletico Madrid coming up on Thursday and then Chelsea after that it is an important week ahead for the Reds.



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